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Quote of the Day from #BevHillsPosture

We thought we’d share a quote today, by Joseph H. Pilates:

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For those who don’t know, Pilates was actually named after its inventor- Joseph Pilates. He believed that the modern lifestyle, bad posture, and inefficient breathing lay at the roots of poor health. Due to that belief, he devised a series of exercises, training-techniques and methods for the purpose of rehabilitation. Many of his moves were inspired by yoga or created after the observance of animals. He then engineered all of the equipment that would be required to teach his methods properly. Once he had his tools he began working with injured soldiers and fatigued dancers. With all of his patients, he made sure to put a special focus on the core postural muscles, which helps to keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine. Joseph H. Pilates was a genius (in our humble opinion) and has been an incredible method of rehabilitation and fitness for nearly a hundred years. In fact, his methods are widely used within our own chiropractic practice.

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