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Exercises to Strengthen the Upper Back-

Let’s face it, many of us have back issues and often in the upper to middle back range. The Upper and Middle Back, or Thoracic Spine, is made up of discs, muscles, ligaments and twelve vertebrae, making it the longest part of your back. Upper back pain can occur anywhere from the base of your neck to the bottom of your rib cage. The pain associated with the upper back is often related to posture, muscle strain or injury. For many of us, the time we spend seated at our computers, takes a huge toll. In fact some may have to sit at a computer for up to 9 hours each day, which not only can lead to bad posture but can also eventually cause neck and shoulder irritation.excercises for the upper back

So, what is our message to you?… Make sure to incorporate a few back exercises into your everyday routine!  It’s so important. When the exercises are performed daily, they will aid in improving posture and strengthening the muscles. The exercises can even be thrown into your regular workout routine. If you don’t have back pain at the moment, it’s still a good idea to incorporate a few exercises anyway so that you’re that much more prepared for the future. Building a stronger back is never a bad idea and these exercises are quick, easy and you guessed it… painless.

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Below, our Instructor Monica beautifully demonstrates three of our favorite upper back exercises. Thanks Monica!


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