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No excuses! Simple ways to stay on top of your health and fitness regimen while you’re on vacation

SummerVacation, Therapy and Training in Beverly Hills, CA - Beverly Hills Posture offers Chiropractic Care, yoga, Acupunture, and Massage Therapy, Walker Ozar - Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractor in Beverly HIlls CaliforniaSummer is always officially here when the 4th of July rolls around.  July also means summer travel is in full swing.

Did you know that the average person gains almost a pound a day while on vacation?  Most of the time extra pounds sneak up on you when you least expect it, so decide right here and now that you will not leave your fitness routine in the back seat of the car, on the plane or in the boat –while you’re on vacation.

All you have to do is have a plan!  So as you embark on your travels, here are  a few tips to keep you on track. If you remain mindful about your activity levels and food choices, you will probably come home healthier and stronger than when you left.

#1: Cut Back on the Vacation Carbs

Vacation days are notorious for carbohydrate rich meals, and it’s a well-known fact that too many carbohydrates will quickly add up to unwanted pounds. Combat this fat-trap by choosing low glycemic (low sugar) carbohydrates. Focus on fruits and veggies instead of the high sugar, lower nutrition value grains. Try to have at least one meal free of grains.

Breakfast: This may be the most effective meal to use the carb-less trick, since breakfast often involves breads, pastries or pancakes. Skip the toast and fill up on high quality eggs and lean breakfast meats.

Lunch: A great carb-less lunch is a salad with lean meat. It’s so filling and satisfying that you won’t even miss the bread.

Dinner: Since you’re on vacation, you don’t want to feel deprived, so dinner is the hardest meal to go carb-less. Stick with veggies and lean meats and fish. Depending on what part of the country or world you are in, you’re sure to have plenty of choices.

#2:  Stay Active

If your travels keep you too busy for a workout, or if your hotel does not have an exercise room, make a conscious effort to be active every day. Go on a walk or short jog before or after your day’s activities. This is a great way to see a new city, and also a great way to burn off extra calories.

Take the stairs instead of elevator in your hotel and any other buildings you visit. If your hotel has a pool, swim a few laps each morning or evening. It’s usually pretty easy to be active on vacation and it might get a tad bit boring laying on the beach or by the pool all day long.

#3: Indulge, but with Control

Eating out is a must while on vacation. Whether you’re visiting 5 star restaurants or fast food diners, you are faced with the same problem: large portions. While the easiest thing to do with a large portioned meal is to simply eat it all–you are on vacation after all right? It’s not the best choice (for your waist line).

When you order your meal ask the waiter or waitress to bring you a to-go box. Take half of your meal and place it safely into the box before you even begin to eat. This gives you no choice but to eat a healthy portion. If you would rather not carry around a to-go box, then ask that your entrée be made into a smaller portion.  If it’s dinnertime, ask for the lunch-sized entrée.

#4: Don’t Eat Too Late

One of the easiest tricks for preventing weight gain is to limit carbohydrates and calories before you go to bed. This is especially effective while on vacation. Skip that late night indulgence and wake up looking and feeling great!

#5: Choose Healthy Snacks

Have you ever noticed how travel days create the perfect opportunity for snacking? A coffee and muffin before your flight, a snack on the plane and then before you know it – it’s lunch time! Taking a road trip? This opens up even more opportunities for regrettable snacking –i.e. rest stop vending machines, gas station quickie marts and of course the never-ending string of fast food restaurants along the highway.

This summer cut unhealthy snacking off at the pass by bringing along your own healthy options. Dried or fresh fruit,  nuts with your own sea salt, guacamole or avocado, cut veggies and gluten-free crackers are a good start. By filling up on these healthy snacks between meals you will end up eating less when presented with a less-than-healthy meal.

#6: Avoid Fried or Greasy Foods

While fast food restaurants are definitely convenient, with their low prices and quick service, this convenience is not worth the additional pounds brought on by chips and fries. As you enjoy your vacation keep this in mind: avoid fried foods. While this is always good advice to follow, it is even more important to abide by while traveling.

While vacationing you will likely burn fewer calories each day than you would burn at home, and you are consuming more calories due to your schedule of eating out. You are walking a fine line, and eating fried foods would throw you right over the edge. A gram of fat contains 9 calories as compared to the 4 calories that proteins and carbohydrates carry – so you can see that consuming fried foods will drastically increase your caloric intake.

If you simply cannot pass on the curly fries, keep in mind that heartburn and indigestion are never fun –especially while on vacation!

independence-day-39fireworks, SummerVacation, Therapy and Training in Beverly Hills, CA - Beverly Hills Posture offers Chiropractic Care, yoga, Acupunture, and Massage Therapy, Walker Ozar - Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractor in Beverly HIlls CaliforniaHappy 4th of July… happy summer and safe and health travels!

Remember to give us a call or log on to our Mind Body Online Scheduling system to book a few sessions with a member of the Beverly Hills Posture Team–who can help you get back on track  upon your return (as well as praise you for the great work you did on your own)!

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