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A Daily Ritual – why you need one

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Most of us wouldn’t ever think of walking out of the house in the morning for our day without brushing our teeth. If we did, something would probably feel “off”– in a sense. It is a “structure” in our lives so engrained in our steps of preparing for the day.

There are other automatic structures built into our daily lives around our work and family commitments. These include our task lists, grocery lists and different deadlines that are usually based upon what other folks in our lives may need (i.e. our boss, child, partner, a parent). We meet our deadlines and scratch things off our lists and there is perhaps a feeling of accomplishment present; dare I say, maybe it even feels good to complete those tasks. Structure, in all the right amounts, can have a beautifully positive effect on life.

So what is missing here?

At closer glance, what appear to be missing are the rituals (i.e. structures) we choose for ourselves. These are deeply important because they feed our personal needs and ideally give us balance. Sure, we may have certain days we go to the gym or have some routine that is our gift to ourselves to make us more relaxed (a weekly or a monthly massage?). That is certainly a good thing; but what about the other days of the week, month and year? Can you imagine only brushing your teeth on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?

Daily Ritual is what fuels us in the most subtle, yet significant, ways. It allows space each and every day to tune in and focus on ourselves. And this doesn’t have to overly involved. It can be as simple as 5 minutes (or less!) to do something to connect inward.

Examples of Simple Daily Ritual:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, sit up in bed and tune into how your body feels. For most of us, the body feels a little stiff upon waking — so why not stretch? Simple stretches while taking in a few full, deep breaths can not only begin to wake and warm the body, but will invigorate the mind in a way that connects you to your inner world.  This alone, can create a sense of grounded energy and balance.
  2. “Journal of Gratitude” – at bedtime you write three things you are grateful for about your day, yourself or anything else in your life. Even after a bad day at work or frustrating afternoon caring for the kids, this ritual can bring about perspective and a sense of joy.

Begin to notice the built-in structure of your days. Explore the possibility of creating a space in your day to start one daily ritual. Over time you may add more rituals, but for now start simple and let it be all about YOU. Notice how it feels to slow down, tune inward and claim your ritual!

Wendy Obstler, CYT, E-RYT,  is a certified yoga therapist, experienced registered yoga teacher and certified prenatal yoga teacher. Wendy is also the certified Lead Teacher and Ambassador of Strong Yoga™ 4Women. Since 2005, she has worked with countless women struggling with fertility challenges and has witnessed over and again the powerful benefits of yoga on fertility. Having used the practice of yoga therapy to heal her own severe back injury, Wendy enjoys sharing the transformational qualities of yoga with other individuals in chronic pain, healing from injury, post-operative rehab and as awareness for injury prevention.  Wendy is a therapist/instructor at Beverly Hills Posture, a proud member of both the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Yoga Alliance.Wendy Obstler, CYT/E-RYT ©2013 All Rights Reserved
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