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The BHP Pilates Plank Series-

There is no doubt that the plank has steadily been a staple for a variety of workouts- Pilates, yoga, fitness classes, personal trainers and one can often see it being displayed on the mats at the local gym. It’s fantastic for strengthening your body’s core as well as the muscles in your torso, keeping you stable and balanced. Specifically, it’s an isometric core strength exercise that strengthens the abdominals, back, and shoulders. The muscles involved in our example include: erector spinae, rectus abdominis (abs), transverse abdomens, (synergists/segmental stabilizers): trapezius (traps), rhomboids, rotator cuff, the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoid muscles (delts), pectorals (pecs), serratus anterior, gluteus maximus (glutes), quadriceps (quads), and gastrocnemius.

We love the plank, however, to maximize the plank’s payoff, we believe it’s also good to keep things moving. We move in everyday life; our bodies are never stationary so why not infuse the plank with a little movement. It keeps the mind challenged as well as the entire body.  Below is a simple example of this, demonstrated by one of our certified Instructors. By adding small leg movements to this standard plank, it now becomes an overall workout, targeting the core but also incorporating the entire body. Try a few reps of these, at your own pace of course, and let us know how you feel!

  1. Going into your plank position- make sure your shoulders aren’t reaching forward but are open. Lengthen the spine. Elbows should not be locked, there is a slight bend so you activate your triceps. Make sure your pelvis is tucked under just slightly so you lengthen your low back. This is where the movement comes into play- lower one knee as you inhale, exhale and raise it. Repeat. Watch that your hips don’t fall as you go. Keep them level and strong. After a few reps, lower the knees and sit back into child’s pose.
  2. Another variation- Go back into plank (see instructions above), point your left toe out and down, then raise, drop, and repeat. Next side- point your right toe out and down, then raise, drop, and repeat. Be sure to lengthen the spine and to keep your hips stationary.

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